Meanders Ploucnice

Meanders of the Ploucnice River are located between the town of Mimon and Ceska Lipa and cover an area of 667 acres. These meanders substantially help during the time of high water by allowing the water to spill into the area, without causing any damage. The idea of creating a cycling route near Poucnice River called the Green Arterial Cycle Route of Ploucnice emerged as natural response to increasing interest of cyclists in having a high-quality and safe place for cycle tourism. The microregion of Podralsko has rich experience with cycle tourism thanks to the former military area where a network of safe cycle tracks – today known under the brand of Cycle Paradise of Podralsko – was created. Formerly field training area used by Soviet Union army, heavily guarded in the past, was opened to public in early 90’s. As the name evokes, the projected Green Arterial Cycle Route follows the course of the Ploucnice River. It runs from its main springs at Osecna Village to Decin City where the Ploucnice River empties into the Labe River. The route is connected to the cycle route along the Labe River and further to the route system of Poland and the adjacent Saxony, Germany, thanks to the cooperation with the Natural Park of Zittau Mountains. The course of the Green Arterial Cycle Route of Ploucnice runs through a dissected landscape in the surroundings of the Ploucnice River. Meanders flows through the territory of the Jested Natural Park, the nature reservation areas of the Luzicke Mountains, the Region of Kokorin, the Czech Central Massive and the Labe Sandstones. The geographical triangle between Minon Village, Osecna Village and Ralsko Town is now offering tens of miles of cycle routes through the area, which successfully recovered from the damages caused by military activities, offering magnificent views to the Castles of Bezdez or Ralsko. The realised part of the arterial cycle route opens the attractive regions of Podjestedi, Podralsko and Macha’s Region not only to cycle tourists. In summer season, tourists rent a boat there and go down the Ploucnice River.

For more information about the Liberec Region where this place is located click here.

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