Mastale Nature Preserve

Beautiful nature, the accessibility of tourist attractions and civic amenities of the region make this area a popular excursion place.

Mastale Nature Preserve is one of the most picturesque corners of Eastern Bohemia. This is an area of sandstone rock formations creating hidden rock cities with a system of corridors and caves. Thanks to the diverse conditions of the local landscape, there are various species of endangered and protected animals and plants – for example, the spotted salamander or rare mosses and ferns. On the territory of the microregion there are also 3 other specially protected areas – Natural Monument Pivnice, Natural Monument Stritezska rokle and Natural Park Udoli Krounky and Novohradky.

The territory of the entire Mastale microregion is interwoven with a dense network of hiking and cycling trails. A total of 150 kilometers of cycling routes are led mainly along forest and field roads and are divided into 9 circuits, each of which has its own number and color. The marking system itself is supplemented by passport numbers used to determine the location in emergency cases.

Picturesque and interesting places of the microregion also lead a number of hiking trails, separately marked circuits and several thematic and educational trails. You can visit Planetary Trail in Prosec, Trail Around Stimberk in the vicinity of the village of Porici or Kudy tudy, went here Yetti in Budislav and many others.

Mastale microregion owns and operates a trio of lookout towers on its territory, which by their construction fit into the local landscape. These are wooden buildings with steel elements and hanging staircases. They offer a beautiful view of the nearby region and more distant surroundings.

Toulovcova lookout tower was built in 2001 on Jarosov hill between the villages of Jarosov and Budislav at a height of 539 meters above sea level. The lookout tower measures 15 meters and the main observation deck is located 12 meters above the surrounding terrain. You can enjoy the view of practically the entire territory of the Mastale Microregion as well as the surroundings of nearby Litomysl. In good visibility, you can see as far as the Elbe Lowlands and the border belt of the mountains in the north of our country.

For more information about the Pardubice Region where this place is located click here.

Mastale_Nature Preserve

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