Kuneticka Hora State Castle

Kuneticka Hora is also sometimes nicknamed as the East Bohemian Rip Mountain, not only because of its appearance, but also because of the importance it had for the local inhabitants. Thanks to its shape and monumental position in the flat landscape, this mountain was inhabited by our ancestors already in the prehistoric period. The original cumulus shape was thus disturbed during the last centuries by stone mining, and in the Middle Ages the mountain gained a well-known visual element in the form of a castle on its top.

Based on the archaeological research carried out, it can be said that the extensive castle complex stood on Kuneticka Hora already in the second half of the 14th century. At first, however, it was only a castle with a palace and a prismatic residential tower in the eastern part of the complex and a circular tower in the western part of the complex. However, due to the extent of the entire building, we cannot exclude with certainty the fact that the castle belonged to the royal property at that time.

It is difficult to find a more prominent dominant of the Elbe lowland than Kuneticka Hora with the unmistakable silhouette of the castle, which experienced its greatest glory together with the Pardubice castle at the time of the Pernstejns. Its current appearance will be imprinted in your memory, because such a romantic form of castle on the top of an extinct volcano has no competition in the vicinity. In addition, a new sightseeing tour awaits you at the castle, which will introduce the long-inaccessible parts of the castle. If Kuneticka Hora is familiar to you, you may have recognized “Rumburak’s Castle” from the Arabela series.

In this castle you can visit, for example, a modern exhibition called Dusan Jurkovic, which will not only guide you through the life of the famous poet of wood, but will also try to acquaint you mainly with the fundamental reconstruction of the castle, which was carried out here approximately 100 years ago by the aforementioned architect. You can also see the historical Jurkovic interiors, which refer to his typical signature – many colors are used here, the walls have wooden paneling, when looking at the ceiling you can notice square shapes – so-called cassettes or you can also see the restored furniture with ornaments.

For more information about the Pardubice Region where this place is located click here.

Kuneticka Hora_State Castle

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