Hradec Nad Moravici Chateau

Hradec nad Moravici is a palace complex in Hradec nad Moravici in Opava. Since 2001, it is a national cultural monument of the Czech Republic. It is owned by the state (administered by the National Heritage Institute) and is open to the public. The place of the later castle was inhabited probably since the first half of the 8th century and later 10th century there was a settlement.

The foundation charter of the monastery Hradisko of 3 February 1078 mentions customs station, which stood near Hradec. In a document from 1224, which the Czech king Přemysl Otakar I. confirmed and extended its municipal rights Opava, Hradec is mentioned by warden Vitek.

In the second half of the 80s of the 16th century during Prussian rule the late Renaissance chateau underwent a radical reconstruction. On July 24, 1627 Hradec conquered the imperial troops. A day later, the commander of the Danish crew Hradec Alexandr Holub Opava was executed.

In February 1796 the castle burned down. The entire second floor was destroyed. The first floor rooms were mostly damaged in the western and northern wing. Apart from a valuable furniture, a precious library was destroyed, which value was estimated to be 30,000 gold. It was not until over a year later (15 July 1797), when the agreement for the renovation of the castle was with a architect Jan Mihatch. In the years 1872-1874 an architect Alexis Langer made several studies and plans for the construction of the economic castle complex – the so-called Red Castle. In the years 1874-1879 Langer managed the construction of the complex by himself. After 1879, an architect Handel took over the construction, who managed to complete the construction in 1895. Red Castle was inscribed on the list of national cultural heritage of the Czech Republic.

Annually there is a classical festival of classical music Beethoven at the chateau.

For more information about the Moravian-Silesian Region where this place is located click here.

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