Harrachov Jumpboards

Harrachov has been known for its glass production. The local glassworks Novosad and son was established in 1712 by the family of Harrach and is the oldest glassworks in the Czech Republic. A museum of glass and museum of skiing are parts of the glassworks as well as a brewery and beer spa.

Harrachov is known primarily thanks to its ski jumps at Čertova Hora (Devil’s Mountain), which were built in 1923; the Mammoth ski jump was built in the eighties of the 20th century. Nowadays, Harrachov is a centre of tourism and winter sports. The whole resort is full of hiking trails, many kilometres of maintained and marked cross-country ski tracks and ski slopes.

Winter sports in Harrachov began operating shortly after the Count Jan Harrach brought skis to Bohemia (19th century). In 1908 he founded the “Association of winter sports.” The first ski jumps, which many famous Harrachov, created in 1920. Its first international ski race was held in 1923, which was attended by the best skiers from many European countries, and the USA. Since 1954, international ski races are held regularly. In 1980, the jumping and cross country area were renovated, the highest ski jump was built – the mammoth bridge K-185. The latest attractions include also bobsled.

Tourists can take a chairlift to the top of Devil’s Mountain; bicycles are also transported on the chairlift. It is not just the glass factory, brewery, ski jumps or the chairlift that belong to the main tourist attractions. Harrachov also boasts the highest situated golf course in the Czech Republic, a bee educational trail of Count Jan Harrach, a mining museum and museum of hunting and forestry – Šindelka. Another interesting place is Mumlava Falls. This natural jewel is located nearby the Harrachov ski resort and is definitely worth visiting.

For more information about the Liberec Region where this place is located click here.

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