Frydlant Castle

Frydlant is a town which can be found in Liberec Region. It is located in the North of the historic region of Bohemia. The Frydlant Castle, which belonged to Albrecht of Valdstejn and the family of Clam-Gallas, was opened to visitors in 1801 and has become the very first castle museum and chateau in Central Europe. Maybe that also made a contribution to the fact that Frydlant Castle and Chateau is one of the most frequently visited historic buildings in the Czech Republic even nowadays.

The area is very rich in history, it was settled by Slavic tribes during the 6th century but the first mention of the town comes from the year 1278, when famous Czech King Ottokar II took his residence at the Frydlant Castle which had a Gothic form at that time. The Frydland Castle changed its owner during the ages, it was held by the Ronow noble family and the House of Bieberstein when in 1278 the Bohemian king Ottokar II allowed Rulco of Bieberstein for his support against the Habsburg king Rudolf I of Germany to take the land and the castle away from him. On 1 April 1554, lordship and castle were purchased by Friedrich von Redern, but his descendants were seized by Emperor Ferdinand II. That is the reason why Albrecht of Valdstejn ruled as Duke of Frydlant from that time until his assassination in 1634.

During the ages, the original Gothic castle was rebuilt into a large Renaissance, adorned chateau. The picturesque historical houses in front of the castle are noteworthy as well. The nowadays building complex consists of the Gothic castle, which can be seen from far away thanks to its monumental high tower, and a Renaissance chateau. The castle had a museum as early as 1801 and today is one of the most visited in the Czech Republic. The exhibition in the castle museum is focused on the Thirty Years War and the person of Albrecht of Valdstejn. Another exposition dedicated to armory presents more than 1,000 hunting and military weapons.

For more information about the Liberec Region where this place is located click here.

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