Brno Reservoir and Veveri Castle

The Brno Reservoir, also known as the Kninicky Reservoir is a dam on the Svratka River situated right outside the city of Brno in South Moravian Region in Czech Republic. The dam used to serve as a water reserve for the city of Brno, but today represents more likely a source of electric power and a place for recreation – canoeists, water skiers, yachtsmen and rowers find every season their place in there.

Brno Reservoir is a popular recreational area with both locals and visitors. The dam is plentifully visited all year round, because there can be found vast forests on both sides of the reservoir, which thanks to them offers opportunities not only for swimming and water sports (such as canoeing, water skiing, yachting and rowing), but also for hiking and cycling ashore. Swimming in the water is safe, because feared Blue-green bacteria occur the water here only very rarely.

The Veveri Castle is a popular destination for tourists in this region, too. It rises over a rock and visitors can get there going across the bridge over the dam close to the castle. But what is probably the most comfortable way to get to the castle? By boat floating on Brno dam! The visitors may get by boat also to the beach, which is a great opportunity for swimming during the summer season. Veveri being one of the largest Moravian castle complexes, was built as early as the turn of the 13th century as a hunting lodge for Moravian margraves. According to legend, the castle Veveri (the name comes from the word “squirrel” in Czech language) was founded in the middle of the 11th century as a hunting lodge. On the other hand, the first recorded mention about the castle comes from the years 1213 and 1222 when King Premysl Otakar I used the fortified castle as a prison for rebellious peers. However, in the second half of the 20th century the castle suffered heavily due to its use in quite unsuitable ways. That is a reason for that there are only fragments of architecture and collections offered to the view of public during the guided tours. The systematic restoration is underway continously but it will take many years to be completed.

For more information about the South Moravian Region where this place is located click here.

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