Bohemian Switzerland

Bohemian Switzerland (also known as Czech Switzerland) can be described as a charming place situated in Usti Region in the Czech Republic. It can be found on the Czech side of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains and it extends eastward into the Lusatian Mountains and westward into the Ore Mountains. Bohemian Switzerland is said to be a marvellous island of virgin nature in the heart of Europe. It has occured on the list of protected areas since 1972 and has become a National Park since 2000.

Millions of years ago, there used to be a shallow sea in this place. That is the explanation of the existence of sand in this area – it was placed at the bottom of a sea and surrounding rivers. After the sea had disappeared, the today´s sandstone rocks were created. The unique shapes attract the visitor´s imagination, because the rocks often remind them of animals, human faces or the fairy tale heroes. This romantic region is also frequented by hiking and cycling lovers who love more exacting terrain. Although this National Park is the lowest place in the Czech Republic, people coming in there feel like being in the mountains. The area offers many touristic trails, which connect unique sights with the spots of natural value, leading through the scenery of the rocky towns, the mesas, the passes, deep gorges and hillsides. While walking through the countryside visitors may find the fossils of former sea animals but the main goal of the majority of visitors of this place is to escape the city noise and to hava rest at a quiet place.

The largest and most unique sandstone bridge in Europe called „Pravcicka gate“ is said to be the most attractive place for visiting in Bohemian Switzerland. People can also admire lots of precious animals and plants in the whole region. A mystical landscape of pine forests and deep valleys with majestic rock towers, gates, walls, ravines, rock cities and labyrinths rising up from them – this description fits the Bohemian Switzerland National Park precisely.

For more information about the Usti Region where this place is located click here.

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