Bezdez Castle, Macha Lake

The vinicity of Bezdez Castle is often called “The Macha´s area”. Karel Hynek Macha was a Czech romatic poet primarily famous for his lyrical epic poem “Maj” (May), published in 1836 shortly before he died. On he one hand, this piece of work was judged by his contemporaries as confusing, too individualistic and not being in harmony with the national ideas. There appeared even a parody of Macha’s writing style and “Maj” was rejected by publishers. On the other hand, Macha’s genius was discovered and glorified much later by the poets and novelists of the 1850s and nowadys “Maj” is regarded as one of the classic works of Czech Romanticism and is considered to be one of the best Czech poems ever written. Macha was born, grew up and lived in Prague but escaped from there to travel into the mountains and to explore countryside as same as the other representatives of Romanticism. He fell in love with the area around Litomerice, Ceska Lipa, Doksy – all of them are located to the north of Prague, Northern Bohemia. A lake situated in this region was named after him in 1961 and it is known as Macha Lake today.

A surprising fact can be that information that Lake Macha is a pond in fact – it was created artificially by men. It can be found in the Liberec Region in the north of the Czech Republic near town Doksy. A large lake existed at this place as a remnant of an older sea but during the last Ice Age the lake drained away, leaving only a peat bog. Between 1366 and 1367 Charles IV ordered a large pond to be established here. The water surface of this lake is ideal for boating trips or water sports. There is a beautiful view of the royal castle, built in the 13th century, which was also admired by Macha. He held this romantic ruine dear from the first time he visited it. As an evidence of his favour he dedicated some of his poems to this area. Bezdez Castle is a Gothic castle located some 20 kilometres (12 mi) southeast of Ceska Lipa, in the Liberec Region in the Czech Republic. Visitors can let the building impress them for example by the royal palace with a unique chapel and sufficient Gothic architectonic details or the Grand Tower.

For more information about the Liberec Region where this place is located click here.

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