Artillery Fortification Hurka

Artillery Fortification Hurka is the most completed construction of military fortifications from 1935 to 1938 in the Czech Republic. It consists of 5 massive combat objects with an extensive underground system of corridors and halls hidden deep in the rock massif. You can find it at the exit from Kraliky to Hanusovice. Unique features include, for example, the original armored gate in the entrance cabin K-S 12a or a functional inclined elevator for transporting wagons with ammunition.

In 2008 the greater part of the underground was opened to the public for the first time. In addition, a few months later another one of the combat objects was opened and between 2011-2012 even the remaining parts of this grandiose fortress were made accessible. Today, visitors to the fortress can see the exteriors and interiors of all 5 combat objects, which are log cabins, connected by a system of underground connecting passages with a total length of about 1.75 kilometers. These buildings previously served as an air filter room, power plant, or ammunition depots, which were intended to house a war barracks for a crew of up to 424 men, including an infirmary, kitchen and other rooms. The entire underground of the building, which is located 59 meters below the surface of the earth, is led by a narrow-gauge railway line, which is still fully functional today. Overall, the underground spaces of the fortress consist mainly of extensive corridors, halls and staircase shafts, the length of which reaches almost 2 kilometers.

The closest to the town is the above-mentioned entrance cabin K-S 12a, which lies directly on the road from Kraliky towards Hanusovice. Its location is interesting for visitors to the fortress mainly because there is a free area in front of it, where you can park up to several dozen cars. In addition to these log cabins, we can also find social facilities or a building for the operation of the museum, which could also be of great interest to some of our future guests.

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