Wasp Nest Cookies

Czech name: Vosí hnízda

Written by Jitka Rosenbaumova

This kind of cookie is considered a traditional Czech Christmas sweet (together with Czech vanilla crescents). But sometimes, Czech people make it for birthday parties and other celebrations.

These cookies taste delicious taste and the shape looks good as well. Another advantage is that the process of making these cookies is quick and you don’t have to bake it.

There is a special form called “The Beehive Mold” or “Beehive Cakelet Pan” available online.


1 box Nilla wafers
3/4 cup powdered sugar
2 Tbs ground walnuts
1 egg
4 Tbs unsalted butter
1 Tbs cocoa powder
2 Tbs dark rum
3 Tbs eggnog (or any other kind of filling)
powdered sugar for dusting
special form for creating the cookies


First you have to make the pastry.

Put aside about 35 Nilla wafers, grind the rest. Grind the walnuts finely. Add the eggs, butter, rum and cocoa and mix it all together, so that there are no big pieces visible and a smooth ball of dough is made. Put in the fridge and leave it there for about 3 hours.

Make about 35 balls – according to the number of Nilla wafers you have left aside.
Put a ball into the plastic shape to create a wasp nest. You can shape by hand, and the result won’t look that good.

Make a little hole at the bottom of the cookie. After taking it out of the form, fill the hole with liqueur (or filling).

Put a Nilla wafer at the bottom of the cookie, so that the filling doesn’t leak out. Repeat the process until the last cookie is made.

Dust the cookies with powdered sugar and put them on a plate. Keep them cold until serving.

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