Traditional Czech Kolaches

Written by Max Jandora

Category: Cooking Video

Many cakes and pastries which originated in the Czech lands are now found worldwide, especially where Czechs immigrated, taking with them the local recipes that they enjoyed in the villages and cities from which they came. The most famous is the kolache.

Kolaches are a traditional Czech dessert. The name originates from the Czech word “kolo,” which means “circle.” In Czech, a single one is called a kolache, and more than one is called kolaches – though in America, you may hear them called kolaches. And while Czech kolaches do vary by region – some being larger with more filling than pastry, almost tart-like with slices cut out for serving, and some being smaller, individual pastries – all of them are round. They are most commonly filled with apricots, cream cheese, poppy seeds, or plums. They can be open-faced or filled, and there are various possible techniques for piping and decorating the kolache that differ regionally.

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Czech Kolaches

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