Beet Salad

Category: Cooking

Beetroot and horseradish, tasty and healthy typical Czech seasonal crops, are widely used in the Czech cuisine. Moreover, horseradish with its strong aroma is more than suitable partner of the beetroot, this combination having an irreplaceable part in the Czech cuisine.

Charming root vegetables, beetroot is excellent in both cold and warm meals, being a welcome diversification of our diet, while also a valuable source of vitamins and minerals. Either raw or cooked, beetroot can be used for salads or spreads. Its taste is a perfect match for garlic, sauerkraut or horseradish, as well as for oranges or apples, though it can be also used in a simple and delicious soup.
Moreover, beetroot is also excellent accompaniment to roasted meat and sauté – just cooked, salted and sprinkled with lemon and butter. Excellent not only in salted or acid preparations, beetroot can be also used as a basis for sweet dishes, such as delicious Gugelhupf, cocoa cake with white chocolate and quark or chocolate cake. Beetroot combined with chocolate is simply irresistible. Try out and you will be surprised to find out the delicacy of beetroot in sweet dishes.
Horseradish goes hand in hand with beetroot in the Czech cuisine, those two being perfect companions in salads and spreads. Known and eaten for more than 3.000 years, horseradish is a significant part of gastronomy for the Czechs, a nation that even used to be a horseradish power at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries and where this plant has still been very popular. Since the 17th century, a place called Malín near the town of Kutna Hora has been the best known for growing this crop; its local production elaborated to become well known “horseradish from Malin” (Malinsky kren).