Verbs – Past tense

Category: Czech Lessons

1 PAST TENSE Minulý čas
2 To shop nakupovat
3 did shopping nakupoval
4 to listen poslouchat
5 did listen poslouchal
6 to laugh smát se
7 did laugh smál se
8 I was shopping nakupoval jsem
9 I was listening poslouchal jsem
10 I was laughing Smál jsem se
11 you were shopping ty jsi nakupoval
12 you were listening ty jsi poslouchal
13 you were laughing Ty jsi se smál
14 we were shopping my jsme nakupovali
15 we were listening my jsme poslouchali
16 we were laughing My jsme se smáli
17 you were shopping vy jste nakupovali
18 you were listening vy jste poslouchali
19 you were laughing Vy jste se smáli
20 he did not do Nedělal
21 he did not shop nenakupoval
22 he did not listen neposlouchal
23 he did not laugh nesmál se
24 to buy koupit si
25 I will buy myself some pants Koupím si kalhoty.
26 to watch Dívat se
27 I am watching TV. Dívám se na televizi
28 to dress Oblékat se
29 I am getting dress Oblékám se
30 to put on something Oblékat si
31 I put on my shirt. Oblékám si košili.
32 to wash oneself Mýt se
33 I am washing myself. Myji se
34 to wash something Mýt si
35 I am washing my hands. Myji si ruce.

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