To be – Future tense and Negative form of future tense

Category: Czech Lessons

1 Future tense of verb to be and its negation Casovani slovesa byt v budouciim case a jeho zapor.
2 Future tense of verb to be Budouci cas slovesa byt
3 I will be Budu
4 You will be Budes
5 He/she/it will be On bude, ona bude, to bude
6 We will be Budeme
7 You will be Budete
8 They will be Budou
9 Will you be at school today? Budes dnes ve skole?
10 No, I will be at home. Ne, ja budu doma.
11 They will go shopping. Budou nakupovat.
12 We will be happy if you come. Budeme radi, kdyz prijedes.
13 He will be at the dentist at that time. Zrovna bude u zubare.
14 You will be at the museum, won't you? Budete v muzeu, ze?
15 Tomorrow will be Saturday. Zitra bude sobota.
16 It will be five o'clock. Bude pet hodin.
17 I will be working all day long tomorrow. Zitra budu pracovat cely den.
18 Negation of verb to be in future tense. Zapor slovesa byt v budoucim case.
19 I will not be Nebudu
20 You will not be Nebudes
21 He/she/it will not be Nebude
22 We will not be Nebudeme
23 You will not be Nebudete
24 They will not be Nebudou
25 I will not smoke anymore. Uz nebudu kourit.
26 He will not be happy about it. Nebude mit radost.
27 You will not be at the museum, will you? Nebudete v muzeu, ze?
28 It won't be ready at five o'clock. Nebude to hotove v pet hodin
29 I will not be working during the weekend. O vikendu nebudu pracovat.
30 We won't be hungry. Nebudeme mit hlad.
31 You won't be sad, will you? Nebudete smutni, ze?
32 They won't say good bye to him. Nebudou se s nim loucit.

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