Personal Pronouns

Category: Czech Lessons

1 PERSONAL PRONOUNS Osobní zájmena
2 I
3 you ty
4 he on
5 she ona
6 it ono
7 we my
8 you vy
9 Are you hungry, professor? Pane profesore, nemáte hlad?
10 Are you hungry, Peter? Petře, nemáš hlad?
11 We are not hungry. My nemáme hlad.
12 Are you hungry? Máte už hlad?
13 She is doing her homework. Ona píše domácí úkol.
14 They were busy. Ony měly mnoho práce
15 They went home. Oni jeli domů.
16 Are you still here? Vy jste tady ještě?
17 Are you still here? Ty jsi tu ještě?
18 Doctor, are you still here? Vy jste tu ještě, pane doktore?

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