Olomouc Region

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Olomouc Region – OLOMOUCKÝ KRAJ

City of Oloumouc – MĚSTO OLOMOUC – is also called the Little Prague – MALÁ PRAHA due to its historic center. It is well known for the Holy Trinity Column – SLOUP NEJSVĚTĚJŠÍ TROJICE. This column, which was included in the UNESCO monument list due to its historical and artistic value, is the largest free-standing Baroque sculpture in Central Europe. The spirit of the Baroque time is also reflected on the surfaces of the set of six unique Baroque fountains – UNIKÁTNÍ BAROKNÍ FONTÁNY. According to one legend, Olomouc was founded by the Roman Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar, and so he proudly sits astride a prancing horse on the square in Olomouc today. Besides the historical center, many churches and the Olomouc castle with church of St. Wenceslas – OLOMOUCKÝ HRAD S KOSTELEM SV. VÁCLAVA, you can also admire the Olomouc City Hall with 500 years old astronomical clock – RADNICE S ORLOJEM.

Near Olomouc lies the Baroque SVATÝ KOPEČEK pilgramage complex – POUTNÍ AREÁL SVATÝ KOPEČEK. It was built on a site where, according to a legend, the Virgin Mary – PANNA MARIE – appeared to Olomouc merchant – OBCHODNÍK. The Baroque Basilica of the Visitation – BAROKNÍ BAZILIKA NAVŠTÍVENÍ PANNY MARIE – was promoted to basilica minor by Pope John Paul II during his visit.

Chateau Jánský Vrch – ZÁMEK JÁNSKÝ VRCH – belonged for a period of 600 years to the bishops in the Polish Wroclaw. They gradually created a monumental Baroque chateau from the medieval castle and used it as a summer residence. In the honour of their patron, John the Baptist – JAN KŘTITEL, they renamed it to Jánský Vrch.

Na Pomezí Cave – JESKYNĚ NA POMEZÍ – is the largest Czech karst cave system, formed by dissolving marble – ROZPOUŠTĚJÍCÍ SE MRAMOR, or crystalline limestone – KŘÍŠŤÁLOVÝ VÁPENEC. Of its total length of 1.7km, a 390-meters section is accessible.

The Jeseníky Mountains – HRUBÝ A NÍZKÝ JESENÍK – are famed for their clean air, and many visitors come to the Jeseník Spa precisely to treat breathing problems. The place is known for its connection with Vincent Priessnitz, an early proponent of hydrotherapy – VODOLÉČBA. Priessnitz had founded the first modern hydro-therapeutic institute in the world here. The highest mountain of Jesenik Mountains is called PRADĚD. Also the hydroelectric power station at Dlouhé Stráně – VODNÍ ELEKTRÁRNA DLOUHÉ STRÁNĚ – has become one of the most visited places in the Jeseníky Mountains and one of the seven wonders of the Czech Republic.

Velké Losiny Chateau – ZÁMEK VELKÉ LOSINY – Velké Losiny is a place of stark contrasts. On the one hand this is a pleasant spa town – LÁZEŇSKÉ MĚSTO – set in the gentle landscape of the Jeseníky Mountains; on the other it’s a place with a dark past where 17th century witch trials at the chateau gave it an infamous reputation. The witch hunts – HON NA ČARODĚJNICE and inquisition – INKVIZICE – took place in late medieval times and the beginning of the modern era. Velké Losiny is also known for its production of hand paper – VÝROBA RUČNÍHO PAPÍRU – it belongs to the oldest running hand paper production in Central Europe.

The medieval Bouzov castle – HRAD BOUZOV – is definitely one of the castles in Moravia which you can’t miss. And not just because a number of movies were filmed on its premises – from Czech fairy tales to the Italian princess Fantaghiro, but also because unlike other medieval settlements, this castle has never gone to ruin. The castle gained today’s appearance after massive Neo-gothic – NOVOGOTICKÝ – reconstruction.