Modal verbs must, may, can and its negation

Category: Czech Lessons

1 MODAL VERBS MUST, CAN, MAY Zpusobova slovesa muset umet smet
2 I have to go Musim jit
3 You have to go Musis jit
4 He has to go Musi jit
5 We have to go Musime jit
6 You have to go Musite jit
7 I need not to get up early Nemusim vstavat brzy
8 We need not to pay for it. Nemusime za to platit
9 They need not to study Nemusi se ucit
10 I must go to bed, I am tired Musim jit spat, jsem unavena
11 I have to go already, I do not want to be late Uz musim jit nechci prijit pozde
12 I do not have to do anything Nemusim nic delat
13 I can go Mohu jit
14 Muzu jit Muzu jit
15 You can go Muzes jit
16 He can go Muze jit
17 We can go Muzeme jit
18 You can go Muzete jit
19 They can go Mohou jit
20 They can go Muzou jit
21 You can go home. Muzes jit domu
22 You can not stay here. Nemuzes tu zustat
23 We can not smoke here. Tady nemuzeme kourit
24 Can you show me your car? Muzes mi ukazat sve auto?
25 No, I can not. Ne nemohu
26 I may leave Smim odejit
27 You may leave Smis odejit
28 He may leave Smi odejit
29 We may leave Smime odejit
30 You may leave Smite odejit
31 They may leave Oni smeji odejit
32 I must not smoke and drink Nesmim kourit anipit
33 You must not drive too fast Nesmis ridit moc rychle
34 May I go to the movies? Mohu jit do kina?
35 No, you must not Ne,nesmis