Liberec Region

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Liberec Region – LIBERECKÝ KRAJ.

We will start our tour in the city of Liberec which is known for the breeding of white tigers – CHOV BÍLÝCH TYGRŮ. The town hall copies the architecture of Vienna´s town hall – VÍDĚŇSKÁ RADNICE. The dominating feature of Liberec and the whole Jizera mountains – JIZERSKÉ HORY – is the mountain hotel – HORSKÝ HOTEL – and the TV transmitter Jested – TELEVIZNÍ VYSÍLAČ JEŠTĚD. It is the most unique architectural landmark – NEJUNIKÁTNĚJŠÍ ATCHITEKTONICKÁ PAMÁTKA – of the Czech Republic.

The phenomenon of the Liberec region, especially of the Jizera Mountains, are the observatoriesROZHLEDNY – of different heights, constructions and age. There are almost 40 of them. The queen of all is the observatory Stepanka – ŠTĚPÁNKA – near the village of Prichovice. Other known observatories are Black Fount – ČERNÁ STUDNICE , Queen – KRÁLOVNA or Spruce – SMRK.

Castle and chateau Frydlant HRAD A ZÁMEK FRÝDLANT

The originally Gothic castle – GOTICKÝ HRAD – has been rebuilt into this huge Renaissance chateau – RENESANČNÍ ZÁMEK – with rich decorations and collections of art. This castle has been open to the public in 1801 and it is the oldest publicly accessed castle museum in Central Europe – STŘEDNÍ EVROPA. During the visit you could experience the chateau kitchen – ZÁMECKÁ KUCHYNĚ, the functional stove and broiler – KAMNA A GRIL, the copper and tin dishes – MĚDĚNÉ A CÍNOVÉ NÁDOBÍ, the collection of tobacco pipes – DÝMKY and more than 1000 hunting and military weapons – LOVECKÉ A VOJENSKÉ ZBRANĚ.

The Liberec region is known for the traditional production of glassware and costume jewelry – TRADIČNÍ VÝROBA SKLA A BIŽUTERIE. Guided tours through glass museums throughout the region allow visitors to see the process of glass production, as well as to create their own glass-blowing product – FOUKANÉ SKLO, Christmas ornament – VÁNOČNÍ OZDOBA or to make their own costume jewelry.

The highest mountain of the Czech republic Snezka – SNĚŽKA – is 1603 meters tall and lies in the Giant Mountains – KRKONOŠE. The peak can be reached either by hiking or by the cabin cable car – KABINOVÁ LANOVKA. Besides the meteorologic station, you could visit the rotunda chapel of St. Laurence – ROTUNDOVÁ KAPLE SV. VAVŘINCE or the geographically highest post office – the so called ČESKÁ POŠTOVNA.

The longest Czech river Elbe – ŘEKA LABE – springs – PRAMENÍ – in the Giant Mountains.

The Liberec regions is also known for the UNESCO geopark of Czech paradise – ČESKÝ RÁJ. It is the oldest protected scenic reservation of the Czech republic. The sandstone cliffs – PÍSKOVCOVÉ SKÁLY, caves, gates, castles, chateaus and ruins – ZŘÍCENINY – create the romantic atmosphere of this territory. Marked trails through the rock cities let you safely experience the beautiful views.

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