Hradec Kralove Region

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Hradec Kralove Region – KRÁLOVÉHRADECKÝ KRAJ

This region is located in the north-eastern part of Bohemia. It is named after its capital HRADEC KRÁLOVÉ. Traditional industries in Hradec Králove include musical instrument manufacturing – the best known being PETROF pianos. The dominant buildings are the Gothic Cathedral of the Holy Spirit – KATEDRÁLA SV. DUCHA, the renaissance White Tower – RENESANČNÍ BÍLÁ VĚŽ and the Baroque Old Town Hall – BAROKNÍ STARÁ RADNICE standing at the Big square – VELKÉ NÁMĚSTÍ.

Adrspach – Teplice Rocks – ADRŠPAŠSKO-TEPLICKÉ SKÁLY – are an unusual set of sandstone formations – PÍSKOVCOVÉ ÚTVARY – covering 17 km2. The rocks have been protected as a national nature reserve – NÁRODNÍ PŘÍRODNÍ REZERVACE – since 1933 Tourists may visit the rocks via a number of market trails. The area is a popular destination for rock climbers – HOROLEZCI.

JIČÍN has been declared a Municipal Reserve – MĚSTSKÁ PAMÁTKOVÁ REZERVACE because of its well-preserved historical center, built around a rectangular square with a regular Gothic street layout, remnants of fortifications – ZBYTKY OPEVNĚNÍ and arcade Renaissance and Baroquehouses – RENESANČNÍ A BAROKNÍ DOMY S ARKÁDAMI. The town is also connected with the popular fairy-tale character of RUMCAJS. JIČÍN lies in the scenic region of the Bohemian Paradise – ČESKÝ RÁJ. Bohemian Paradise is a protected area and besides many rock formations you may visit the symbol of Czech Paradise – the Trosky castle – HRAD TROSKY, rock towns like HRUBÁ SKÁLA and the Prachov Rocks – PRACHOVSKÉ SKÁLY. Favourite destination is the well preserved gothic Kost castle – HRAD KOST – that was built in the 14th century.

In the city of NÁCHOD you can visit the Chateau Náchod – ZÁMEK NÁCHOD. Nearby are worth visiting the national cultural reserve Babiččino valley – BABIČČINO ÚDOLÍ and the RATIBOŘICE castle. It is a region, where the famous Czech writer – BOŽENA NĚMCOVÁ – spend some time with her kids. She wrote of her memories from her childhood in the book BABIČKA and the action of the book has been placed in this valley which has been named after the book.

Other sites near Náchod are NOVÉ MĚSTO NAD METUJÍ, where you could visit the originally Renaissance, later rebuilt into Baroque castle and city of JAROMĚŘ – known for its Gothic church of St. Nicholas – CHRÁM SV. MIKULÁŠE and the Fortress Josefov – PEVNOST JOSEFOV – large historic defence complex of 18th-century military architecture, it was intended as protection against attacks from Prussia – PRUSKO.

OPOČNO castle – ZÁMEK OPOČNO – Is a complex of buildings comprising a former aristocratic residence. Its outer arcades are a valuable example of the Renaissance architecture in Bohemia.

DVŮR KRÁLOVÉ ZOO with its African safari theme lies near the town of Dvůr Králove. Visitors may admire well over 2000 animals of 500 species of mostly African hoof-stock – AFRIČTÍ KOPYTNÍCI – which makes this zoo one of the largest in Europe. As one of the most successful breeders of many endangered species – OHROŽENÉ DRUHY – it is of note that within the last 30 years more than 200 giraffes were born there. Near Dvur Kralove lies the hospital in Kuks, spa with many Baroque statues – BAROKNÍ SOCHY – by famous sculptor Matthias Braun.


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