Category: Czech Lessons

1 Cases in Czech Pády v češtině
2 who kdo
3 what co
4 without who bez koho
5 without what Bez čeho?
6 to whom komu
7 to what Čemu?
8 Whom do I see? Vidím koho?
9 What do I see? Vidím co?
10 Weadress someone,something Oslovujeme, Voláme
11 about who? o kom?
12 About what? O čem?
13 With who? S kým?
14 With what? S čím?
15 Martin did it Udělal to Martin
16 Who did it? Kdo to udělal?
17 They went there without Paul. Šli tam bez Pavla
18 They went there without who? Bez koho tam šli?
19 They told us about it. Řekli nám to.
20 To whom did they tell it? Komu to řekli?
21 They saw Jane in front of school. Viděli Janu před školou.
22 Who did they see in front of the school? Koho viděli před školou?
23 Do not forget, Peter. Petře, nezapomeň!
24 They were talking about Kate. Mluvili o Katce.
25 Who did they talk about? O kom mluvili?
26 Are you going there with Peter? Půjdeš tam s Petrem?
27 With whom will you go there? S kým tam půjdeš?

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