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Discover Czech Regions: Nature in the Usti Region.  There are several protected landscape areas with precious natural value.  The region offers a wide range of interesting places, beautiful landscapes and industrial monuments. The volcanic Ceske Stredohori, interesting rock formations in Ceske Svycarsko, the legendary Rip Hill, castles and chateaux including Lovosice and the fortified town of Terezin are often visited.

Czech Landmarks: The Premysl Plowman Memorial located in The Bilina River Valley near Trmice, commemorates the legend that from Stadice the ancient Slavonic village, Premysl the Plowman was summoned by Princess Libussa to The Czech Throne. In 1841 another such memorial was built in Kralovo Pole ( Kings Field) and was named a protected National Monument in 1962.

The heart of Czech History is Mount Rip where the first Slavs settled being lead by the forefather Czech according to The Chronicle of Bohemians written by Cosmas thus the name The Czech Republic. There is the Romanesque Rotunda of St. George on top of the mount. There are many trails to reach the top of Mount Rip.

The Franciscan Monastery on the edge of Kadan was built where the former town`s gallows were. The legend about 5 noble brothers who offended the monarch were to be executed but of the 5 one was chosen, the eldest brother who prayed to The Fourteen Holy Helpers and he was hung, hanging there for three days and three nights he was still alive.

Czech Class:  Learn more about Usti Region

Czech Landmarks: Terezin is a fortress built by the Enlightenment ruler Josef II and although the building named after his mother Maria Theresa was supposed to be used for defense, it paradoxically became infamous first of all as a prison, and later during World War Two as a Jewish ghetto and concentration camp.

Czech Destinations: Usti Region Parks & Nature Preserves Usti region nature in  Time Lapse.

Czech Songs: This time with Trebicka Slunicka and Draci Dechovka from Usti Region.

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