Usti Region – Klasterec nad Ohri, Zetec, Louny

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Discover Czech Regions: Usti Region

Czech Traditions: Tradition of Porcelain manufacture in Klasterec Nad Ohri. The first purely Czech porcelain was manufactured two hundred years ago.

Czech Castles & Chateaux: Chateau in Klasterec nad Ohri was built at the close of the 16th century by the Saxon family Fictum as a Renaissance building. The Chateau has a rare exhibit of porcelain from the collections of the Museum of Applied Arts in Prague.

Czech Destiantions: Evzenie Spa is located on the bank of the Eger River; the ruins of the castle Sumburk rise above it. The river valley is surrounded by the hills of Doupovske vrchy and the Krusne hory mountains.

Czech Cities and Towns: Town of Louny was one of the most important towns of the Czech kingdom in the 14th century. It underwent a significant facelift in recent years, highlighting its historic legacy.

Czech Museums: Hop Museum and Temple of Hops and Beer in town of Zatec

Explore Czech Lands: Krupka and Komari Vizka area 

Czech Landmarks: Terezin Fortress

Special Report: Mount Rip has a very strong magnetic force. A compass here is completely out of order because of the magnetic anomaly according to the basalt magnetism and the magnetite.

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