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Discover Czech Regions: Moravian-Silesian Region

Czech Traditions: Stramberk Ears are real treasure of Stramberk is the local gingerbread made in the shape of a human ear. It’s a little cone of baked pastry, flavored with honey and a secret mix of spices. The Ears are baked in some of the many local people in memory of the victory over the Mongol hordes who sacked the local region in the 13th century.

Interested Czech Facts: Stramberk Truba Castle and town of Stramberk.
The labyrinth of narrow streets is the reason why Stramberk is nick-named the “Moravian Bethlehem”. The town attracts visitors due to its rich history, mysterious legends and wooden, folk architecture.

Explore Czech Lands: Beskydy Mountains were proclaimed and protected landscape area in 1973, which they really deserve. With their surface of 450 square miles, they are the largest protected area in the Czech Republic. Besides their beautiful unspoiled nature, you can enjoy monuments of folk architecture especially the unique wooden churches and buildings of the Wallachian people.

Skalka – Lysa hora – Prasiva – Paragliding

Lysa hora at 4340 ft, is the highest peak in the Beskydy Mountains and many routes lead off the top of Lysa hora (Lysa Moutain). Most people come from Ostravice, which is accessible by train from Ostrava or Frydek-Mistek.

Ostravice – Lysa Hora – Hiking. Also in the winter a perfectly maintained cross-country ski trail
leads here. True climbing enthusiasts practice here for many extreme expeditions in the mountains and many skiers climb to the peak when there is no snow elsewhere.

Czech Destinations: Lower Vitkovice complex and a former heavy industrial site where production ceased in 1998. In the northern part of the complex is the former Hlubina coal mine, blast furnace, coking plant and chemical plant. The central part was used for mechanical engineering. The southern part are industrial and administrative buildings.


Landek Park Mining Museum on the northern edge of Ostrava. The Lower Vitkovice complex not only covers the former Ironworks site of Vítkovice, but also the adjacent Hlubina coal mine, the nearby Karolina Triple Hall and the Landek Park Mining Museum on the northern edge of Ostrava.

Interested Czech Facts: The New World of Technology and Science in Vitkovice

Czech Cities & Towns: City of Ostrava – Ostrava got its name from the river Ostravice, which divides the town into its Moravian and Silesian parts. The root of the word Ostrava, “ostry”, means “sharply, quickly, swiftly flowing river“.

Interested Czech Facts: Michal Coal Mine

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