Hradec Kralove Region – Landmarks, Vamberk, Kuks, Adrspach

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Discover Czech Regions: Hradec Kralove Region

Czech Destinations: Kuks Hospital – Count Frantisek Antonin Spork constructed a large complex of secular and church buildings. In the years 1694-1724 with the goal of creating a world-class spa due to the local mineral water springs.

Czech Cities & Towns:  Town of Vamberk – dates back to 1341 however archaeologists have found coins, jewelry, and weapons from the Middle Ages. Also, religious artifacts from a church dated 1350 and a 15th-century castle. The town has a 400-year-old-history of being the center of bobbin lace.

Czech Cooking: Breaded Pork Cutlet with Sauerkraut and Bread Dumplings. This recipe is from the town, Mezimesti located in The Hradec Kralove Region.

Explore Czech Lands: Adrspach-Teplice Rock Town  is a naturally formed area of eroded sandstone formations giving the feeling of being in a “town” located in The Czech Republic is one of the largest
in all of central Europe.There are sandstone columns, walls, pillars with incredible shapes and with individual names.

Czech Landmarks: Castles and Chateaus in the Hradec Kralove Region.

Special Report: This time from City of Hradec Kralove.

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