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Discover Czech Regions: Enjoy varied forms of natural beauty along the many hiking trails of the Hradec Kralove region

Broumov is running for the 2028 European Capital of Culture.

The Benedictine Monastery in Broumov with the Church of St. Vojtech (St. Adalbert) belongs to the national cultural heritage of the Czech Republic.

In the Broumov Benedictine Monastery is a unique monastic library containing historical books and prints, and the refectory with a copy of the Shroud of Turin on display.

The Church of Saint Adalbert was built in the first half of the 14th century. The frescoes on the ceiling of the church were created by Jakub Steinfels.

The medieval writing room Skriptorium is located on the first floor of the western wing of the Broumov monastery.

Feature night show: The Mystery of the Shroud of Turin

Czech Trips:  Explore Cykloregion Broumovovsko

Czech Nature Parks: Adrspach-Teplice rock town is one of the largest continual rock massifs in Central Europe. This unique labyrinth of incredibly shaped sandstone formations with original names.

Czech Destinations: Kladske Pomezi

Czech Cooking: Krkonose Kyselo Sourdough Soup is a traditional specialty for the Krkonose Mountains and surrounding areas.

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Czech Events: Anniversary of the battle at Hradec KraloveKöniggrätz 1866

Czech Museums: Stachelberg Fortress was built 1937 as part of the pre-war Czechoslovak defenses of the town of Babi, on the eastern edge of the Krkonose Mountains.

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