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City of Brno – has about 380,000 inhabitants, making it the second-largest city in the Czech Republic, and one of the 100 largest cities of the EU. The Brno metropolitan area has more than 600,000 inhabitants.

History of the City of Brno

Labyrinth Under the Vegetable Market in Brno

Ossuary at the Church of St James in Brno

Personalities associated with Brno

Exploring Czech Functionalism in Brno

The Cairn of Peace, Memorial at the 1805 Austerlitz Battlefield of the Napoleonic wars period near Brno

Technical Museum in Brno

The Tugendhat Villa is situated in Brno, in the district of Cerna Pole.

Veveri castle in Brno is one of the oldest castles in the Czech Republic.

Go to Brno. Discover a city with an authentic atmosphere. Remarkable places, delicious food, extraordinary experiences.

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