Palava Wine Harvest Festival

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Category: Czech Tradition

Traditional celebrations in South Moravian wine in the Mikulov Region have roots from the last century. The first year of the vintage Palavsky was held in 1947 after the end of World War Two.

The Palava vintage is inextricably linked to and a reminder of important historical events in the history of Mikulov. In the fall of 1403, a military unit from the Mikulov castle freed King Wenceslaus IV from a Viennese prison. The celebration honors this action.

The festival regularly takes place the second weekend in September. Food lovers’ selections of culinary delights, good drink, and culture are waiting in these three days joyful merrymaking with a diverse program. Besides the traditional folklore linked to wine in South Moravia, organizers also offer concerts by popular bands of various genres, brass bands, and dulcimer music.