Czech name: Houbová smaženice

Written by Michaela Bilkova

Mushroom collecting or hunting  is a Czech national hobby. This recipe is one of the favorite ways to prepare mushrooms. Czech people like this recipe because it is simple and it doesn’t take long to cook. It is better to use several kinds of mushrooms.  In Europe there are many different types of mushrooms not found in the USA.  You can use portabello or button mushrooms and both of them.


1 lb portabello or button mushrooms
6-8 eggs
1 big onion
2 pressed garlic cloves
salt and ground black pepper to taste
chopped parsley or chives to taste
oil or lard for frying


First, clean the mushrooms and cut them into small pieces.  Peel the onion, cut it into pieces and fry it in oil or lard until golden brown, then add the mushrooms. Add the salt and pepper to taste and pressed garlic. Mix it together and add the beaten eggs. Stir until the eggs are cooked.  Serve with chopped parsley or chives. Czech people usually eat it with fresh or fried rye bread.

For non vegetarians – you can also use fried bacon or bacon bits on top.

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