Czech name: Sekaná pečeně plněná vejci

Written by Jiri Waltera

The meatloaf was known in Czech lands since the medieval times. It was a food of luxury, which was not made from minced meat as it is today, but it was manually chopped to little bits from tenderloin and/or legs. The reason why we are using minced meat today is simple. We have meat grinders which make this kind of recipes less of a pain. Of course this can lead to people using less expensive or less tasty meat. In some Czech households this is even called “Pstrosi vejce” – Ostrich’s Egg.


1 lb mix of grounded beef and pork
3 hard-boiled eggs
1 small onion (or more if you want)
salt and ground black pepper to taste
1 Tbs marjoram
1 Tbs breadcrumbs or all purpose flour


Finely slice your Onion. Then add to it your minced meat, salt, black pepper, marjoram and your flour (or breadcrumbs if you chose to use them). Also cook your eggs until they are hard-boiled. Then peel them. Do not forget to preheat your oven at 375F. Get your hands in there and mix it until it all comes together and you are left with weirdly looking meaty goodness. Prepare a Deep Baking Tray (or anything you can use in your oven to correctly make this dish). Put your meaty goodness into the tray and shape it in the way, that you can place your hard-boiled eggs in the center of the meat.

Don’t forget that the eggs must be arranged in line, or it will be just a big bunch of meat with eggs randomly scattered around the center. Use the meat to envelop the eggs so it again looks like big loaf of bread made of meat.

Put the meatloaf in the baking tray inside your preheated oven, add a little water so it won’t burn and bake it for half an hour at 375F. Frequently add a little water if it seems like there is not enough. Also don’t forget to use your spoon and just sprinkle your meatloaf with some of the flavor-infused water.

Pull it out of the oven and check it if it’s done. Serve with fries, potatoes or just with bread.