Czech name: Chlebová polévka

Written by Veronika Wildova

Bread is a common traditional ingredient which forms a basic part of every Czech household, and Czech bread is best when fresh – nice and soft with a crispy crust. We will use sourdough rye bread for this purpose to achieve the right consistency. It is a good dish all year round, but chilly winter evenings are the best ones for this nice and comforting dish. So if you need something quick and simple, do not hesitate to try this recipe!


2 slices day-old sourdough or rye bread
1 Tbs lard/oil for frying
1 egg
salt and ground black pepper to taste
garlic and marjoram to taste
beef bouillon cube, or any other soup herbs to taste


Cut the bread into small cubes and fry in a pan with the frying lard/oil. Add 5 cups of water and some salt. Bring to boil and watch the bread get soft and mushy. Add beef bouillon cube, garlic, marjoram, salt and black pepper to taste and finally add the egg into the boiling soup and stir for about 5 minutes.

This is the very basic recipe, but you can be creative and add other ingredients. Among the more popular ones are potatoes and Portabello or button mushrooms. But different types of vegetables are also an option. It is up to personal preference whether these ingredients are meshed with an electric mixer or just cut into pieces. Milk can also be used in place of some of the water to make the soup creamier. To lend that something extra to the final design of this super easy soup, arrange some fried cubes of bread on the top before serving.

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