Czech name: Kuře pečené na kysaném zelí

Written by Adam Lavicka

In the Czech Republic, chicken is by far the most favorite poultry of all, mainly because it is easy to cook and there are many variations on how to prepare it. Chicken baked with sauerkraut is an excellent meal for getting warm during cold winter days.
The Czech cuisine is usually rather heavy. Typically, it consists of two courses – a soup and a main dish. The most common soup is a broth, but there are other thicker soups as well. Main dishes are quite heavy because of various factors – thick sauces (usually based on stewed or cooked vegetables), gravies, and side dishes (Czech dumplings or boiled potatoes).
The vast majority of Czechs love their cuisine and would not be able to imagine their life without it because of its long-lasting tradition and excellent taste. Even some of the best Czech athletes confess to have eaten the typical dishes, while being on their strict diets.
Sauerkraut has a very long tradition in the Czech Republic, dating back to 14th or 15th century. Sauerkraut is, basically, finely cut raw cabbage, which is left to ferment by lactic acid bacteria. Thanks to its preservation, it can be kept on the shelves in the cellar for a very long time.


2/3/4 chicken legs (depends on the number of portions)
1 smoked spicy sausage (Hungarian or Lumberjack spicy sausage)
1.5 lb sauerkraut
1 cup sour cream
2 onions
2 Tbs sunflower oil
ground black pepper to taste
salt to taste
1 Tbs ground paprika
2 tsp caraway seed


Clean the chicken legs and season them with salt and pepper from all sides. Chop the onions and the sausage to dices.
Pour a little oil on the bottom of a roasting pan. Put the diced onions, sausage, and sauerkraut into the roasting pan and stir it all together. Put the chicken legs on the mixture and push it slightly into it.
Season it all with sweet ground paprika and caraway, close the roasting pan with a cover, and put it into oven preheated on 400F for 40 minutes. Each 10 minutes, pour one or two tablespoons of water onto the chicken. After 40 minutes, take the chicken legs out, add the sour cream to the sauerkraut, stir it all together, and return the chicken legs.

Remove the cover and put it back into the oven for 10 minutes.

Serve with Czech dumplings or boiled potatoes.

Tip: Beer is a brilliant choice to go along this meal.

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