Beer-Roasted Beef

Czech name: Hovězí pečeně na pivě

Written by Tereza Jonasova

Beer and Pilsen city or Pilsen Region – these are almost synonyms. You will probably not be surprised that the golden-colored beverage is not missing in the list of ingredients for the regional specialty that you will now make. Marinated roast beef with a hearty sauce is best enjoyed in the company of fluffy bread dumplings and, of course, good friends. 

For more information about the Pilsen Region, from which this recipe comes, click here.


1  1/4 lbs beef loin
1/4 lbs smoked sausage (Lumberjack or Polish etc.)
1 cup Pilsner (or lager) beer
1/4 lbs bacon, chopped
parsley sprig
dill sprig
large onion, diced
all-purpose flour for thickening
ground ginger to taste
salt and ground black pepper to taste


First, stuff the beef loin with the smoked sausage. Then put the beef in a casserole dish and add to it the sprigs of parsley and dill. Next, baste the beef with Pilsner beer and marinate for 4-5 hours. Fry the bacon with the onion and add it to the marinated beef. Slowly roast the beef under a lid until tender.  When it is ready, remove the beef and flush out the liquid with flour. Then fry and baste it. And then boil it. Serve with Bohemian bread dumplings.

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