Zlin Region – Bata Memorial, Slovacko, Uprka Museum

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Discover Czech Regions: Zlin Region

Czech Memorials: Tomas Bata Memorial in the city of Zlin

Czech Cities & Towns: City of Zlin is the administrative center of the Zlin region, lies along the river Drevnice in a mild climatic area of southeastern Moravia. The city is famous as the birthplace of the founder of the colossal Bata Shoe Empire, Thomas Bata,

Czech Traditions: Traditional Folk Painted designs in Hluk – Some of the homes in the town of Hluk have specially designed paintings on their outside walls.

Famous Czechs: Jozka Uprka a Czech painter and graphic artist was able to combine elements of Romanticism and Art Nouveau
documenting the folk life of South Eastern Moravia.

Czech Cooking: Little Kolaches from Eastern Moravia – In some areas they are called either Vlcnovske vdolecky, Slovacke kolacky or buchticky and they have
different shapes and tastes.

Czech Destinations: Museum Bojkovska

Special Report: Museum of Tupesy Ceramic

Video Archive: Old Fashioned Bread in Uherske Hradiste

Czech Castles & Chateaus: Malenovice Castle

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