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Discover Czech Regions: Usti Region –  The capital city of the Usti Region Usti nad Labem in Time-lapse.

This city is conveniently situated in the Elbe valley in the area of Czech Highland and in its close neighborhood many natural beauties can be found.  Forty percent of the city area is situated on the territory of natural preserves Czech Highland and Elbe Sandstones.

Czech Landmarks:  Town of Zatec – The cultivation of hops in the Zatec region reached its greatest expansion in terms of both floricultural and particularly technical production in the 19th century, when the “hops boom” left a number of hops buildings in the area, known as the Prague suburb. These buildings are interesting examples of storage, drying, and packaging facilities with typically high brick chimneys that still give this part of the city a unique atmosphere.

Czech Destinations:  Enjoy a trip into the fairytale landscape of Bohemian Switzerland  National Park.

An idyllic location attracting visitors to its rock formations and gentle countryside, the Bohemian Switzerland is home to many rare types of flora and fauna. Some of the best known attractions are the gorges on the River Kamenice.

Explore Czech Lands: Kunratice is a village in the Decin District of Usti Region. Kunratice are one of the oldest villages on Frydlantsko with remarkable past, present and interesting means of active citizens and a bright future.

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