South Bohemian Region – Veseli nad Luznici, Bechyne, Tabor, Prachatice, Trebon Basin

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In this Czech-American TV online Broadcast you will see:

Discover Czech Regions: South Bohemia

Czech Cities & Towns: Explore town of Veseli nad Luznici

Czech Cities & Towns:This time about Town of Bechyne

Czech Destinations: A ride with Elinka along the Bechynka.
The Bechynka track was the first Czech public electrified railway line and now is essential historic railway attraction.

Czech Cities & Towns: Learn more about Town of Tabor

Czech Cities & Towns: Prachatice – The Renaissance Pearl on the Golden Trail

Special Report: This time from Town of Cesky Krumlov

Czech Landmarks: Trebon Basin is a world-famous fishpond area in Southern Bohemia.

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