Pardubice Region – Pomezi, Ceska Trebova, Litomysl

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Discover Czech Regions: Pardubice Region offers numerous tourist-attractive places the visit. It Includes areas for hiking, bodies of water for summer refreshment, cycling-routes both in the hills and flatlands, adrenaline parks and unusual sports grounds (often set in beautiful natural spots) for those wishing to test their skills and courage.

Explore Czech Lands:   Bohemian-Moravian Borderlands ( Cesko Moravske Pomezi ) are in south-eastern Bohemia where the ancient towns of Litomysl, Moravska Trebova, Policka, Svitavy and Vysoke Myto are. This area is filled with history, monuments, natural beauties, cultural and technical experiences.

Czech Cities & Towns:  Town of Ceska Trebova  one of the largest in the region is in the foothills of The Eagle Mountains and on the boundary of
Bohemia – Moravia. It’s history dates back to 1278.

Special Report:  Jabkancova Fair in Ceska Trebova started in 1961 is a popular folk festival organized in the neighborhood of  St. Catherine’s rotunda is held in November before the feast of St. Catherine.

Czech Destinations: Town of Litomysl – the dominant feature of the city is the Italianate Renaissance castle with its more than eight thousand examples of sgrafitto, which has been on the UNESCO World Cultural and Heritage List since 1999. Litomysl is the birthplace of the composer Bedrich Smetana, whose name is commemorated by an annual opera festival.

Czech Traditions:  Shrovetide ( Pre-Lent , Ash Wednesday ) Carnival Masked door-to-door processions in the Hlinecko Area are on the intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity List.

Czech Landmarks:  Learn more about Historic Sites in Pardubice Region

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