Pardubice Region – Vysoke Myto, Chrudimsko, Hlinecko

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Discover Czech Regions: Pardubice Region is rich with historic monuments, such as the Gothic-Renaissance chateau and historic centre of the town of Pardubice and the Kuneticka Hora Castle. An exceptional historic site is the Kladruby nad Labem stud farm, famous for breeding old Kladruby horses. The town of Lazne Bohdanec, the only spa location in the region, is surrounded by the Bohdanecske ponds national park with a network of cycle-routes.

Czech Traditions: Pardubice Gingerbread

Special Report: Museum of the Czech Car Body Design and Production in the Town of Vysoke Myto.  A unique museum dedicated to the history of Czech vehicle bodywork and the significant vehicle body making company of Sodomka.

Czech Facts: Litomysl Chateau – Wonderful sgraffito decoration, magnificent gables, elegant arcades, romantic gardens and a mysterious underground. These are just some of the reasons to visit the chateau in Town of  Litomysl.

Czech Destinations: Chrudimsko-Hlinecko Tourist District – An ideal place to live and to relax, not only on a family holiday – this is how the natives of the Chrudimsko-Hlinecko region characterize their home. Do you love charming countryside that remains untouched by industry? Then this area has plenty of nature reserves to offer, such as the one in the Iron Mountains (Zelezny hory).

Czech Facts:  The Vysocina Open-Air Museum of Folk Architecture is one of the largest open-air exhibitions of its kind in East Bohemia. Its special feature is the fact that individual exhibition sections spread in several hamlets of the urban unit of Vysocina and in the town of Hlinsko. The first buildings were made public in 1972. One of them is Vesely Kopec, a group of farms scattered in their original landscape setting, supplemented with engineering sights utilizing water power.

Czech Class: Learn more about Pardubice Region and its most popular tourist destinations.

Czech Facts: Pardubice Chateau – The beginnings of the feudal residence on the site of the chateau go back to the end of the 13th century. It underwent numerous reconstructions. The most significant took place at the end of the 15th century and beginning of the 16th century under the rule of the lords of Pernstejn. The chateau is now the residence of the Museum of East Bohemia in Pardubice and part of the area is also used by the Gallery of East Bohemia.

Explore Czech Lands: Town of Klasterec nad Orlici is situated in the valley of river Divoka Orlice. First mentioned in the year 1279. The monastery and church were destroyed in the era of Hussite wars. The church was built again in the year 1452 in Gothic style.

Village of Cervena Voda is situated between the mountain ranges of the Orlicke hory (Eagle Mountains) and the Hanusovicka vrchovina (Hanusovice Highlands).

Czech Facts: The fortified sector around the small Town of Kraliky was responsible for the defense of this part of the former German Czechoslovakian frontier in the late thirties of the last century, and it was one of the most intensively fortified frontier sectors in Europe of that time.

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