Moravian Silesian Region – Kravare, Hlucinsko, Hukvaldy, Tatra Museum, Frydek-Mistek

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Discover Czech Regions: Moravian-Silesian Region

Czech Landmarks: Kravare Chateau is urrounded by a gorgeous park and popular golf course, the chateau is the former home to the Eichendorff family.

Czech Museums: Leos Janacek Memorial in Hukvaldy documents Janacek’s relationship to his native place and the link between the genius loci and the composer’s works.

Museum of Hlucinsko area  focuses primarily on the history of this specific region.
Because it could not take over the collections of the original
district museum, it had to create an active collector base by actively collecting.

Hlucin-Darkovicky Czechoslovak Fortification Complex is a unique artifact of its type, and of immense value in a European context. The Fortification Complex is an exhibition of military technology that gives visitors the opportunity to learn about
a major aspect of the history of the first half of the 20th century.

Tatra Museum in Koprivnice.  The Tatra T87, driven by the travellers Hanzelka and Zikmund; the T57 cabriolet known as “Hadimrska;” the black T603 for officials of all levels; or the “regular” Tatra lorry, which can handle the Paris-Dakar Rally: all of this awaits you in Koprivnice.

Areal na Mlyne – The Kozlovice Mill was frequented by the composer Leos Janacek as a place to rest after a long night.

How It’s Made: Sauerkraut Soup with Smoked Sausage in the Moravian-Silesian Region

How It’s Made: Lopatak and other Moravian-Silesian Specialty Pastry

How It’s Made: Ondras-Style Cutlet in the Moravian-Silesian Region

Czech Cities & Towns: Frydek-Mistek

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